The 2020 Annual Meeting Has Been Postponed

A new date will be announced in the near future so please check back to this website in the near future.



The business meeting will consist of a few key agenda items. This includes a short annual report and a few membership votes on a revised set of by-laws, a set of new membership categories and the election of board members.


As our guest speaker, we have invited Troy Reeves. Troy is the head of the Oral History program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The term oral history appears a lot online and elsewhere, so much so that its true meaning has become obscured. Professional oral historians have tried to push back against this phenomenon through their writings and presentations, including showing examples of “real” oral history done by his organization. So, join Troy as he answers two questions: What’s oral history? And why does it matter?

Since June 2007 Troy Reeves has led the oral history program at the UW-Madison Archives. In that position, Reeves has overseen the key components of managing an oral history program—collecting and curating oral history recordings, as well as communicating and collaborating with interested individuals about the art and science of oral history. Along with those program roles, he has managed over a dozen oral history projects focusing primarily on UW-Madison’s rich history including interviews for its LGBTQ & Vietnam Era. Troy also currently serves on the board of the Wisconsin Humanities Council and has been published in historical journals, including the Western Historical Quarterly, the Public Historian, and the Oral History Review.