2020 Annual Appeal

The Dane County Historical Society has established two exciting new goals. Our first is to digitize our collection as much as possible, making our materials increasingly available and relevant. Digitizing and posting our Madison Mozart Club collection was the first significant step in that direction. Below is just one example to get a glimpse into the MCC collection. To see more, click here.

1905 Annual Membership Photo for Madison Mozart Club

Our second goal is to apply best practices in maintaining our collections, and furthering that goal led to the exciting project of restoring our 1910 Dane County Plat Map. Below are photos of the plat map before and after restoration.

The map had several full-length rips that had to be hand-stitched.

The restored map on the Otto Schroeder Archives and Record Center office wall.

Please consider donating your choosing, or review the various levels of giving outlined below. Just choose the level that works best with your budget and click the DONATE button below so you can make your gift online. All donations will be formally recognized in our newsletter at the various outlined levels.

$25 – Frederick Jackson Turner

$50 – Ada Deer

$100 – Aldo Leopold

$250 – Frank Lloyd Wright

$500 – Belle LaFollette

$1000 – Eston Hemings Jefferson


Jerry Remy, Co-President                                   Rich Eggleston, Co-President

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The Dane County Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and your donation is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.