Historical Markers

Dane County Historical Society Marker Program

Approximately every year since 1963, the Dane County Historical Society erects a marker that notes a person, site, or event that was significant in the history of Dane County, WI.  There are currently 47 markers in Dane County.  A list of markers with their locations and a brief description can be found here.

To suggest a marker, please complete the Historical Marker Application and return to the Dane County Historical Society via email. If you have questions or comments regarding existing markers, please contact the Society.

Wisconsin Historical Society Marker Program

The Wisconsin Historical Society also has an active historic marker program that has placed over 500 historic markers throughout the state.  The Wisconsin Historical Markers Program is administered by the Wisconsin Historical Society’s Division of Historic Preservation and Public History. Their full list of markers which is available here. Visit their website for more information about the State Historical Society Marker program.