Research and Resources

Otto Schroeder Records Center

The Otto Schroeder Records Center is home to the Dane County Historical Society collection. This collection includes historical documentation of the people, places, businesses, and organizations with ties to the County. These are available in books periodicals, pamphlets, diaries, scrapbooks, organization records, and more.

The Otto Schroeder Records Center is not open for walk-ins or general browsing of the collection. If you find a specific item in the catalog that you would like to view or learn more about, please Contact the Society to make an appointment. Beginning in May 2017, we will offer appointment hours from 10am to 1pm on the first Saturday of the month. Space in our office is limited to one researcher per appointment slot, so please call ahead to find out availability.

Online Resources

The Dane County Historical Society offers a number of online resources:

For more information about our resources, and where you can find more information, visit the Online Resources page.

The Dane County Historical Society has very little information to help personal genealogists. Genealogists seeking specific family or ancestor information will not usually find indexed family information in the catalog and they are generally referred to the Dane County Register of Deeds, which has records for births, deaths and marriages, as well as land records specific to Dane County.