Become a Dane County Historical Member

Become a member of the Dane County Historical Society today to support your local history!

To join please download and print a copy of the 2020 Membership Form and mail it back to us with a check for your membership.

As a member of Dane County Historical Society and our partner in the preservation and advancement in Dane County history you will receive:

  • Newsletters with historical articles, researcher reports, and information about upcoming events in and around Dane County
  • A member discount on all publications
  • Special invitations to Dane County Historical Society events and programs

Membership Levels

$10.00 First-time Individual Membership

$15.00 Individual Membership

$15.00 First-time Family Membership

$20.00 Family Membership

$40.00 Business or Professional Membership

$50.00 Golden Membership

$10.00 Student, with a valid Student ID

Individual and family memberships are eligible for a $5.00 discount with membership in another local historical society in Dane County. Be sure to indicate on your form that you’re a member of another local historical society!