Special Projects

Since its inception in 1961, the Dane County Historical Society has embarked on a number of special projects. To help the public find out more about them, DCHS has developed a web page for each. You’ll find each of them described in more detail below.

Madison Mozart Club

The Madison Mozart Club collection is one of Dane County Historical Society’s more notable. The white male choir was active from 1901-1958 and gave 200 concerts across southern Wisconsin. The collection includes several group photos and membership rosters. DCHS has digitized several group photographs along with home addresses and occupations for each photographed member. This special project will make these records more accessible to genealogists and the general public. To access this information please visit the Madison Mozart Club page.

Historical Markers

Since 1963, the Dane County Historical Society has erected 46 historical markers noting significant historical figures, locations, and events. DCHS markers are located throughout the County. Visit our Historical Markers page to learn more and see an interactive map that includes all 46 markers.

The Wisconsin Historical Society also has an extensive historical markers program. Click here to find out more.

Remembering in Dane County

“Remembering in Dane County” was a series of programs that took place in 2008. Local residents and writers read from their own reminiscences. To help preserve these, DCHS board members volunteered to record them. Our Remembering in Dane County page provides more information on the program, writers, and has recordings available.

I Remember Madison Central High School

The Dane County Historical Society established the “I Remember Madison Central High” project to collect the history of Madison’s Central High School, which was closed in 1969.  DCHS scanned copies of the school’s newsletter, The Madison Mirror, and it’s yearbook, the Tychoberahn. Links to both of these and more can be found on our Madison Central High School page.