Dane County Historical Markers

Dane County Historical Markers

Since 1963, the Dane County Historical Society has erected markers that note a person, site, or event significant in Dane County history.  Today, there are 48 Dane County Historical Markers countywide. 

Dane County Historical Markers – Interactive Map

To learn more about each DCHS historical marker, click on the icon below. Clicking an icon will redirect you to a pop-up with more info and links to the Historical Marker Database website. HMDB.org is a catalog of historical markers nationwide that includes current photos, full marker text, and mapping features.

Our Newest Historical Marker

As part of our 2021 Annual Meeting in September, the most recent Dane County Historical Marker was unveiled. This one, like so many before it, is a two-sided historical marker (often called history on a stick) that sits on a post and has two distinct sides of text. One is titled The Lewis Nine Springs E-Way and provides a short history. The other is entitled Philip and Elizabeth Lewis for the dynamic duo that made the Nine Springs E-Way a reality. Completed in 19??, the Nine Springs E-Way was the first of its kind and has had a major impact on environmental corridor planning worldwide.

The marker will also include this image published in the Wisconsin State Journal, It shows Philip and Elizabeth Lewis standing by a bridge under construction in the E-Way close to where the marker will be installed. Also pictured is Jane Licht, then the Chair of Dane County Parks and now a DCHS board member. This image will be included on the marker. Dane County Parks is now waiting for the coming spring thaw before putting the marker in the ground.

Wisconsin Historical Society Markers

The Wisconsin Historical Society also has an active historical marker program that has erected over 595 historical markers throughout Wisconsin.  You can find the official list of State Historical Markers here. Visit their website for more info about Wisconsin’s State Historical Marker program.