Ferdinand Kronenberg Collection

Architectural drawing of the front of a building, lightly shaded with red.

Front elevation of a building designed for Msrs C. Frautschi & Son.

Who was Ferdinand L. Kronenberg?

Ferdinand Kronenberg was born in 1877 in Germany. He and his family moved to Wisconsin when he was eight, and he spent most of his life around the isthmus of Madison ever since. He spent nearly five decades as an architect. Many Kronenberg buildings survive today and they give Madison much of its unique historic architectural identity. Kronenberg passed away in 1944.

What is the Kronenberg Collection?

The Kronenberg collection is a series of over 1500 architectural drawing for buildings centered on Dane County, but that also span the entire country.

The Kronenberg Collection was donated to Dane County Historical Society in 1986, and it digitization was funded through a grant from the Madison Trust of Historic Preservation.

You can access the digitized collections here.