Madison Mirror

Madison Central High School Student Newspaper, The Madison Mirror 

The Dane County Historical Society has scanned original copies of The Madison Mirror, student newspaper from Madison Central High School, to make digital or electronic copies of the full text available for free online, visit The Madison Mirror.

The Board of Directors spent over two years discussing and planning the digitization project to put a treasure like The Madison Mirror online for everyone to enjoy. There were a few starts and stops along the way as the Board reviewed all of the available options. At first, plans called for having the Wisconsin Historical Society microfilm the bound volumes for preservation purposes.  However, this was rejected when it was learned that the bound volumes of the newspaper (which were originally kept as the official copy by Central High School) would have to be sliced apart in order to get an accurate film copy, thus ruining the artifactual value of the print volumes in the process. It was essential to the Board that the paper copies of the newspaper be preserved, even as they were being made ready for wider access.

Finally, after much discussion and research, it was learned that accurate digital copies could be created without disbinding the volumes.  This is the route that was ultimately chosen in order to digitize this valuable student newspaper. To complete the project, the Society sought estimates for the various services that need to be done.  A fundraising effort was shepherded by several DCHS board members – most notably Joanne Jensen and Beverly Kneebone.

Ultimately, Northern Micrographics in La Crosse was chosen as the vendor for digitizing The Madison Mirror.  The scanning was completed and files were delivered to Dane County Historical Society in June 2008.

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